Best Commercial Painting Contractor in Pittsburgh

The best commercial painting contractors share the same characteristics that support quality and professional workmanship. Their job is to make your business look good and not waste your time or money while doing it. By checking off each item on the following list, you can make a confident decision when choosing the best commercial painting contractor in Pittsburgh.

How to Find the Best Commercial Painting Contractor in Pittsburgh?

With so many commercial painters in Pittsburgh, finding the best contractor can be difficult. Painting on a commercial scale is different than residential. It often requires more equipment, more workforce, and often, scaffolding. It also takes a level of expertise that you can’t find in a painting crew off the street. Here are a few strategies to narrow down the long list to find the best commercial painting contractor in Pittsburgh:

  • Good and thorough research, where you first shortlist a set of contractors based on personal and online reviews. Then, ask for references from each contractor on the shortlist. Contact their references and request feedback for not only the companies’ quality of work but also their customer service.
  • In the research phase, you should also check how long the contractors have been in business, and if they have the right insurance and licenses. Another good sign is if the contractor is a part of any national partner’s association, but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.
  • Find someone who gives you the proper explanation of what they quote. If they are unable to give you details of the proposed work, what kinds of products they are going to use, which surfaces are going to be painted, etc., do not go through with them.

7 Characteristics of the Best Commercial Painting Contractors in Pittsburgh

Once you have your shortlist and the feedback from references on each, you can then cut the list down further by analyzing the following characteristics. In the end, you can’t go wrong with any of the commercial painting contractors still on your list.

These are a few parameters which help in narrowing down the search:

  1. Professional Service: A proper and professional contractor would make sure they deliver only top-quality executions on every project which they take on. A contractor who adheres to the following points can be considered reliable and professional:
    • A clean and safe workspace for employees and customers
    • Regular staff meetings for safety training and briefing of necessary protocol
    • Ensuring that the appearance of the employees is neat and professional
    • Running necessary tests and background checks on the employees and maintaining proper human resource documents
  2. On-Time Project Completion: The feedback from reviews and references should be positive in terms of punctuality of the contractor. Usually, business establishments need the paint job to be done in the after-office hours or before the work time of that business begins. Checking whether the commercial painter is flexible in terms of working hours is essential. Also, the contract documentation must include the start date and the end date of the contract to ensure more accountability.
  3. Licensed and Insured: The contractor needs to have an established and good reputation in Pittsburgh, and the business should be legal and reliable. They need to have the right insurance, which can protect you from any accidents during their project and must have a valid PA contractor’s license for the scope of work. Hiring contractors who do not qualify in these two standards can put you at legal and financial risk.
  4. Competitive Set Pricing: While the price of the contract is not the most important criteria for selection, you need to make sure you are not over-paying for the painting service. But long-lasting value and quality is most important in these kinds of jobs, and should not be sacrificed for the lowest bid. Instead, look for a commercial painting contractor who offers competitive pricing for the end-to-end project and is transparent enough to itemize the job quote. An apples-to-apples comparison of different Pittsburgh commercial painters’ bids must be made to decide which offers the best value.
  5. Stress-Free Experience: The project must be diligently managed, from start to end, by the contractor, so that you don’t have to micro-manage it. The team working on the project must be friendly and flexible enough to understand and accommodate the requests of their clients. For the most stress-free experience, the best company must be customer-centric, as well as appropriately skilled.
  6. Bonded: A construction bond protects the client in case the commercial painting contractor is unable to deliver their service as promised. It protects against disruption or financial loss if the job can not be completed or meet contract specifications.
  7. Supplemental Services: The best painting contractors in Pittsburgh also offer supplemental services, such as pressure washing. Pressure washing is often necessary to properly prepare the surface to be repainted. Otherwise, painting over a dirty or peeling surface will quickly lead to cracks and more peeling.

Now that you’ve cut it down to a few prospects, the deciding factor will likely come down to a timeline. If more than a few days have passed since receiving the bid, verify the quoted start and end dates. You want to make sure nothing has changed in their schedule before you accept the bid. It is also a good idea to ask them if they have left any wiggle room in their timeline for unforeseen events.

Best Commercial Painting Contractor in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh painting contractors are a dime a dozen, but you want to make sure your every dime is well spent. Be thorough in your research and trust your gut. Look for confidence, not salesmanship. When you can check off every item on the list above, then you’ve found the best commercial painting contractor in Pittsburgh for you.

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